by Anesu Pedzisayi

Of late, doomsayers have upped their ante claiming that it is all doom and gloom and the country is on the verge of a precipice. Notwithstanding the unfounded allegations, Zimbabwe has been given an opportunity to prove to cynics, that the country in on the recovery roadmap, amid the stifling economic sanctions imposed on the country.

By Favour Matenga

MDC vice president, Tendai Biti and the party’s deputy chair, Job Sikhala last Wednesday organised the sporadic protest march in Harare’s central business district behind Nelson Chamisa’s back as power struggles escalate within the MDC amidst accusations of leadership incompetence on the way forward for the party, a source within the party has revealed.

By Tendai Matunhu

Government continues on its engagement and re-engagement drive as it focuses more on economic diplomacy, this was said by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade David Musabayana, during a meeting with Czech Republic Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Martin Smolek, in Harare, today.

By Taurai Mazwi

The 2023 elections seem so far away, but with the speed of light unravelling of the MDC, we might reach that interesting year with no opposition party to speak of. The house that the late Morgan Tsvangirai built is fast crumpling as new factions are becoming more pronounced.

By Charles Motsi

Today marks the second anniversary of the death of one of Zimbabwe’s political heavy-hitters, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, hate him or love him the man left a formidable mark on the country’s political landscape, as the leader of the country’s second largest political party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), unlike his successor, Nelson Chamisa.

By Christopher Makaza

It is not a secret that looting and power hungry are the major motivators driving MDC supporters to join politics with a view to one day become either a councillor, controlling council resources which include stands and money or a legislator.

By Chipo Mutasa

A great musician is defined by the depth of his lyrics not his guitar prowess. In Zimbabwe we have a number of good guitarists but most of them are living under the shadows of the likes of Alick Macheso.This is so because most of Macheso’s songs are pregnant with messages that touches on people’s lives. Macheso’s lyrics are just awesome and on point.

By Peacemaker Zano

The recently held African Union (AU) 33rd Ordinary Session Summit in Addis Ababa passed a resolution on ‘The impact of sanctions and the unilateral coercive measures,’ on all African Union member states that are victims of the embargoes, including Zimbabwe.