By Nobleman Runyanga

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) resolved last August to set aside this Friday, 25 October, to collectively call for the removal of the illegal sanctions which were imposed by the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) at the turn of the century.

By Derick Tsimba

Sanctions are preventing the country’s economic progress as Zimbabwe continues to operate its economy under challenging conditions emanating from its exclusion from the international community ever since being slapped by sanctions by the West. This has caused the country as a whole to be excluded from financial earnings associated with international trade.

Takunda Chimwaka.

Government of Zimbabwe is struggling to steer the broken and devastated health system due to the illegal economic sanctions imposed by United States of America (USA) and the European Union (EU).

By Daphine Zulu

Ancient Japanese saying that ‘a fish rots from the head’ aptly summarises the mercenary politics of MDC-A led by Nelson Chamisa. The opposition party’s relentless search for relevance on the political space, wanton corruption in local governments, national sabotage among a host of other septic political gimmicks gives a clear indication that MDC-A politicians are in for money not national pride and service.

By Gift Mashoko

Sanctions placed on Zimbabwe are erroneously said to be targeted on a few individuals and selected companies. I am simple Zimbabwean woman and I have a harrowing tale that is shared by many a Zimbabwean woman who have been stripped of their dignity and self-respect as their rights to a normal life under these illegal sanctions have been violated and can only be called “hell on earth”.

 By Khumbulani Vodloza Sibanda

Recent concerns from some quarters that the recruitment of nurses, teachers and other civil servants in the Matabeleland region should be sensitive to the interests of the local population makes interesting reading. These concerns have been raised from time to time that most Government institutions in the regions are reportedly staffed by people from other regions, notably the Mashonaland region, as such, these civil servants should be “deported” back to their regions of origin to make way for locals to take up the posts.

By Chipo Mutasa

Imagine a sanctions-free Zimbabwe! Imagine it.

Zimbabwe’s tarred roads have become every driver’s menace. There are targeted sanctions against certain individuals and a few corporates, so says the authors of these sanctions. In a 50km stretch of urban tarmac roads, not less than 10 vehicles suffer depreciated suspension and shock absorption mechanisms every day.