Grace Chekai

Zimbabweans should shun Government detractors¬ views and utterances as we work together in building the Zimbabwe we all want. The administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa is doing the best in improving the welfare of its citizens.

Charlene Shumba

The ongoing hullabaloo surrounding the “the-storm-in-a-cup,” that is the tenure of the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe makes sad reading. The ongoing onslaught against the Judiciary, particularly the Chief Justice, High Court and Supreme Court judges, is not an isolated attack. It is part of a matrix of strategies being deployed by Zimbabwe’s erstwhile western enemies after realising the futility of their direct funding to the opposition MDC Alliance with the sole aim of effecting western-sponsored regime change.

Rutendo Jiri

While the United States Embassy in Harare has expressed its “disappointment” over Bulawayo Magistrate, Rachel Mukanga’s denial of bail for Jeffrey Moyo, The New York Times Zimbabwean Correspondent and Thabang Manhika, Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) official recently, but the move is justified.

Gift Musoko

Since the coming in of the New Dispensation, the economic climate in Zimbabwe has been improving tremendously. The New Dispensation, seriously operating under the “Production and less of Politics” principle has made noticeable progress in the he revival of the manufacturing sector that had collapsed under the Old Dispensation.

Welldone Tembo

It is only, but common sense that when the electorate goes to vote they are expecting changes for the betterment of their lives. No one votes to be constantly reminded of a vote they cast and how they should prepare themselves for the next election without anything progressive in-between. However, common sense is not so common to the brothers and sisters at MDC Alliance; who think they are the only political alternative.

Grace Chekai

The New Dispensation is working flat out to turn around the country’s economic fortunes which were going downhill close to two decades. If all Zimbabweans across the socio-political-economic divide are honest enough, due credit should be given to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration. Constructive criticism is most welcomed guaranteed it’s devoid of malice to satisfy selfish interests of those with political ambitions at the expense of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Grace Chekai

The allegations being levelled against His Excellency, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa leaves a lot to be desired. Government detractors have been blaming President Mnangagwa for a lot of things yet President Mnangagwa is trying his level best to turn around the economy.

Derick Tsimba

Through the utilization of the National Development Strategy (NDS1) the New Dispensation has managed to  put in place national development strategies across the nation that are bringing out results.