Grace Chekai     

Vaccines were always there long ago and we still have them even now. It is very ridiculous to note that there are some people who still deny the positive results of vaccines. In late 2019 a new virus emerged from China which was given the name Covid-19 virus. This virus had to spread like veld fire to all continents in the world and up to now it has claimed the lives of  more than 4 000 880 people. So far 184 941  844 people has been infected with the virus.

Derick Tsimba

The agriculture sector through the National Development Strategy 1(NDS1) has potential to foster linkages in the seed to Food Value Chain for Enhanced Food and Nutrition Security. The sector aims at producing nutrition based crops to aid Government with the provision of a basic food nutrition diet needed to maintain a healthy life style for Zimbabweans.

Tirivanhu Kateera

In recent years, anti-tobacco lobbyists globally are gaining ground in their bid to drive the golden leaf from the face of the earth. Reasons cited for the unpopular move especially in the eyes of countries from Southern Africa ranges from health to environmental issues.

Rutendo Juru

This week has seen opposition political parties and political activists in Zimbabwe celebrating false reports that King Mswati III fled Eswatini as clashes between security forces and pro-democracy protests intensified.

Derick Tsimba

The country has already started reaping rewards from the progressive initiatives by the Second Republic to move the country forward. Last year, Government moved closer to achieving its optimal agricultural yield since the land reform programme by funding small scale farmers through the Pfumvudza programme whose results have surpassed expectations.

By Rutendo Jiri

The past week has seen Harare City Council under the directive of the Provincial Development Coordinator for Harare Metropolitan Province, Mr. Tafadzwa Muguti engage the assistance of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to demolish illegal roadside business structures in Harare.

Grace Chekai    

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has proven during the short time, he has been in office that he has the capability and vision to lead the people of this great nation and take them to a “Zimbabwe we all want”. It is not surprising to note that every Zimbabwean in all parts of the world is chanting the slogan #2023 5MillionVotesPossible for President Mnangagwa for the harmonised election in 2023. The majority of Zimbabweans have confidence in him even those doubting Thomases are now convinced that President Mnangagwa is the man for the job, in light of the significant improvement, he has wrought to the economy since he came into power in 2017.